Enterprise Architecture Mastery

Helping you and your team gain mastery in Enterprise Architecture

Getting Started

If you are new to Enterprise Architecture and want to learn more about the subject, then this is the training path for you. You’ll learn what enterprise architecture, and why it is useful and important. You can explore whether enterprise architecture is the career for you, and get to know about the various types of architecture work.

If you have already enrolled in a monthly subscription, then you have free access to all of these courses. If you want to subscribe at a low monthly rate and get access to all of the course at my Enterprise Architecture online training website please click here: monthly subscription.

The Getting Started Training Path is a recommendation. If you want to discuss a training path tailored to your specific needs, then please contact me to discuss mentoring or coaching options.

There are four courses in this path:

  1. What is Enterprise Architecture, and why do we need it? [Recommended] – this course will give you a good understanding of what enterprise architecture is, and the reasons for using it. There are many alternative definitions for Enterprise Architecture, so it is really important that it makes sense to you.
  2. How to become an Enterprise Architect [Recommended]– this course takes a look at the roles, tasks, skills, and characteristics of an enterprise architect to see whether it appeals to you or not, to find out what skills you already have, and to get an appreciation of the next steps you might take to become an enterprise architect.
  3. Enterprise Architecture – the key concepts [Optional] – this course covers some of the concepts that lie at the heart of good enterprise architecture practice. You might want to look at this course if you’ve decided to become an enterprise architect, or it you are curious and want to know more.
  4. Architectural Thinking [Optional] – using enterprise architecture requires a mindset that is comfortable with uncertainty and complexity; it needs someone who can see the big picture and reconcile many different views and viewpoints. This course gives an introduction to architectural thinking.