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Student Testimonials

-This is what students are saying about the FREE Architectural Thinking online course:

I really enjoyed the course. The introduction to Architectural Thinking was an eye opener. Thank you.

– George Morton 

Excellent summary and insight About EA. Overview of it made simple and effective.

–  Eduardo Pulido

Many thanks, Mr. Evernden, for such useful course! Any action should followed by a right thinking. Known, very difficult to change a thinking from an unstructural to a structural. I wish you many new courses and followers!

– Berik Orazov

This is a very clean and clear presentation, and discusses some of the key aspects of enterprise architecture, and presents useful tools for improving any enterprise architecture capability.

– Eamon Walsh

Simple and impressive. Very well described. The author is knowledgeable and has been able to use his expertise to visualise and help explain in a very easy to understand manner

– Vishal Vashishta

A must-know for anyone wishing to improve the quality of the EA discussion.

– Fernando Felman

An excellent introduction to Architecture Thinking and a solid overview to the Levels of Thinking model. I see both are highly relevant in the articulation of the EA discipline at large, and the role EA takes in the context of the Digital age and the lean enterprise. Thank you for making this content freely available in contributing to a more informed discussion which would benefit all of us!

– Vimal Kumar Ramakrishnan